Do you need Duct Blasting?

Duct Blasting?

If you happen to live in Portland Oregon or any of our wonderful outlining neighborhoods, the chances are that you live in a home built before the 80’s. Wondering why this blog is important and what is has to do with you a homeowner with perfectly good running furnace????? Well, if you happen to have leaks in your forced air ducts, this is one of the most major energy wastes in your home. A duct leak can account for as much as 25% of a homes total energy loss. Another very important reason is that a duct leak can prevent the heating and cooling system from working properly. But if you happen to be like me and are effected by air pollutants, the scariest part is even a very small leak can create air quality problems by pulling the pollutants directly into your home.

So, what to do???? Comfort Zone Heating & AC is PTCS Certified. Which means we are a qualified contractor who works on HVAC systems such as furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, and ventilation ducts. As a PTCS certified contractor, we are are trained — and held accountable through third-party inspections — to evaluate your entire house as a system when installing a new HVAC system. In many cases, you may be able to replace your existing furnace, air conditioner or heat pump with a smaller (and less expensive) unit if the installation is accompanied by air sealing, insulation, duct sealing and other efficiency measures.

Home performance testing is a state-of-the-art technique to test and analyze the way the your home functions as a complete system. We use a variety of instruments to measure temperature, airflow and air pressures. A PTCS Certified technician can tell whether the house is pressurized or depressurized and know why.

When Comfort Zone Heating comes to your house we can tell how much heated, or cooled air is wastefully leaking into or out of the air ducts. We are trained specifically to identify situations where dangerous combustion gases like carbon monoxide fumes are being inhaled into the house. We will suggest improvements for your home specifically that will save energy, give you cleaner breathable air and if for no other reason save up to 25% of your energy loss!!!

The whole HUGE point I am trying to make here is that even if you have an older working furnace, we may still be able to save you money and have your furnace run as efficiantly as possible for the rest of it’s lifespan.

Happy Friday!!!

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