Happy Fathers Day to a Great Dad

Howdy Gresham!!!!!

I bet you are all wondering why I would be dedicating time on a Gresham Heating Contractor blog for a Father’s Day story. Well, it’s pretty easy, it’s my blog right???? Now if I was just a good writer I could whip out some funny, story to make everyone laugh and you would know what a great guy he is! Unfortunately, that won’t be happening, well because I am just not the best writer! I can write from my experience though. I have been working with David for the last two years. With the economy going the way that it has, I have seen it bring out the really good in some businesses and not so good in others.
I am very proud to say that it has brought out the best in Comfort Zone Heating & AC, which is David Heldstab.

I guess it started with the first winter two years ago. Like everyone else here in Gresham Oregon we were snowed in at our home. I didn’t leave for a week because my 4-runner was buried and David spent almost every night answering the phone and making sure everyone had heat! He was able to get the work van out and take care of our local elderly no matter what time of night. He worked long hours, and spent evenings away from me and the kids. The world is full of people who work hard and spend hours away from home, but there are few that will help without charging a fee. I watched him walk customers through temporary fixes over the phone at 10:00 pm at night so their families would have heat, to not charging people that he knew could not afford to pay.

What’s even funny about this is that we went without heat in our home while he was out helping others! I was and am so proud of the person that he is. Father’s Day is day of celebrating the goodness and lessons learned by dads. Our children are in the presence of a great dad and teacher every single day! Through how he works at his business, to his true caring of others in our community, to the love and support that he gives his children. We are proud of you, David!


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