Say No to Supersizing – New High-Efficiency Heating

After listening to David talk to customers on the phone after dinner, I realized he kept mentioning this same topic over and over again. It seems to me that we have that more is better attitude when it comes to our heating/cooling systems in our homes. Oversizing your HVAC system can actually lead to higher utility bills.

Size it Right!!!
Proper sizing can be more important than brand. Undersize and it won’t heat or cool properly. If a unit short cycles four times an hour, it’s using as much energy as it would running two hours continuously. Longer run times allow air conditioners and furnaces to maintain consistent room temps.

Choose the Most Practical Efficiency Rating
Older central air conditioners installed in the early 1990’s have a SEER of only about 6 or 7. Today’s units, have a mandatory minimum SEER of 13.

Use Variable-Speed Equipment
A system with a single-speed fan motor may heat or cool rooms to quickly. A variable speed automatically adjusts the flow of air to the desired comfort level. These systems run longer but at lower speeds, cutting operating cost and saving wear on equipment (another long term cost advantage).

Consult Your Local HVAC Contractor
A Licensed HVAC Contractor will take a whole house approach including square footage, area of house being used, number of windows and doors and the Portland Metro Area Climate.

The next time you are in the market for a new heat pump or just wanting to add air conditioning to your home for the summer comfort we all love – take these few tips into consideration. Ask questions – we will ALWAYS be happy to answer or to explain to you in more detail why we have chosen a certain system for your home!!! Keep your home Green and Save some Green too!!!!!

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