Tax Credit Countdown

Good Morning Fairview!!!!!

The leaves are changing, and the weather is totally unpredictable – and if you are like me the holidays are soooo very close. The last thing you want to think about is replacing a furnace!! I have learned one very important thing about living in the Gresham/Portland area. If your furnace is going to stop working – it will be a late Friday night, Holiday when house is full of guests or when there is so much snow and ice on the road that it is almost impossible to get out. Trust me, I watched David answer more calls after hours on the weekend then he would receive all week!! With this being said, if you have a 15 year old furnace it’s not a matter of when is it going to wear out but which late night, after hour, freezing cold and I have company for the holidays night it’s going to be.

So, with the Federal Tax Credits only avaliable thru December 31, 2010, now is the time to have that old furnace replaced with a money and energy saving heat pump or 95% efficient gas furnace.

If you are like me, I would rather replace the furnace at my convenience, instead of when winter is here. Not to mention, the Federal Tax Credits that are only avaliable for a few more months!!

Don’t worry about the forms, we will fill them out for you –

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