Time For A New Gas Furnace?

Good Morning Fall weather in the Gresham and Troutdale area!!!! Ok, probably for most of you, and me are not really ready for cold weather yet. It looks like it is here anyway and time to prepare for winter. David and I were chatting the other day he said something to me that made perfect sense. The typical homeowner is usually unfamiliar with the process of selecting new heating equipment since it’s normally done only once every 10-20 years. Many look at their furnaces and only see “a box” that needs replacing in order to keep warm air coming into the home. Well, he was right, of course because that is how I would have looked at it also before I was “In the Know”

It seems reasonable to assume that getting a new furnace is just like getting a new refrigerator – move out the old one, move in the new one and plug it in. Well, we would like to help you understand that a furnace isn’t an appliance that we can just plug in. It’s actually one component in a custom built system that is made specifically for your home. It’s sort of like getting a custom fitted suit.

Your furnace is attached to gas and electrical lines, there’s a flue system that has to exhaust harmful gases from the house. Combustion air must be available. Then there’s the ducting system. Even if the furnace and all the other components work perfectly, ducting defects can reduce the amount of heating and the system’s efficiency by up to 50%. Ducts age poorly, you know, they wrinkle and sag. Yet when furnaces are replaced, less than 3% of installing contractors have the tools or the training to test the ductwork.

Comfort Zone Heating & AC can help you determine which system fits your home and is the most efficient and cost effective. If it is going to be in your home for 10-20 years you want it to work perfectly and efficiently!!! So, we use precision instruments to help you, and us understand the needs to give you the best performance out of your system. We invite you to get informed so you can make the best decisions about your furnace.

Call David today for a free estimate and in home evaluation…. winter is coming my friends!!!!!!!

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