We Are Now An Energy Trust Ally

If you live anywhere near Portland – Wood Villiage – Gresham – Sandy you probably are starting to hear this term quite a bit. It is all over the airways and internet.

So, what does it mean??? That’s my job to tell you and why it is important to you! Each year, nearly 1,500 trade allies help thousands of Oregon residents and businesses save energy, money and reduce their impact on the environment through Energy Trust of Oregon.

    To be a Energy Trade Ally you must meet these requirements:

  • Provide and support to customers the installation of approved energy-efficiency equipment and renewable energy systems.
  • Install appropriate equipment and measures to program requirements and technical standards.
    Provide excellent customer service and assist our customers with Energy Trust cash incentive applications and state and federal tax credit paperwork.
  • Participate in ongoing training to improve your understanding of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and installation techniques.
  • Hold all required licenses, including a Oregon Construction Contractors Board license.

It is very important to us here at Comfort Zone Heating to work alongside Energy Trust to Save our customers Money, Save our Energy, and Protect our Natural Environment.

We will be able to offer more to our customers that have Energy Conservation and Saving Money in mind. Comfort Zone is looking toward the future of heating and cooling your home in the most efficient way possible by continuing our education and knowledge of Energy Efficiency.

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