Why Zoning?

According to a Decision Analysts Survey of over 25,000 homeowners, 61% say they’re dissatisfied with their home comfort system, and the #1 complaint is uneven temperature through out their homes. Zoning Systems are the perfect solution to satisfy homeowners.

So why zoning? It is ideal for two-story homes or homes with daylight basements to keep all your rooms the same comfortable even temperature throughout. Zoning is easy to retro-fit into any existing heating system, with no or very few changes.

Honeywell Zoning Systems feature a 5 year warranty and a optimal extended parts & labor coverage for up to 10 years is available.

If you are looking to heat up that one cold room in the back of your house or the dreaded over-heated upstairs, call Comfort Zone Heating & Air Conditioning at 503-667-5595 and we will help you with your zoning needs.

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  2. CZ Heating says:

    Good insight. Thanks for sharing.

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