Carbon Monoxide Requirements for Homes

Happy New Year to all of our Gresham, Troutdale, Fairview, and Portland Customers!!!!

I am hoping that most of you are through with all of that craziness that we call holidays!!! This seems to be the time of year where we get to settle down in our own homes, snuggle in and turn up the heat! For me it means more time to surf the internet to research products and study up on important home issues for our customers.

In doing so I came across an article that talked about Carbon Monoxide Requirements for rental homes and apartments. Since we install furnaces and heat pumps, this really hit home. Preventative measures are always the safest way to go. The new laws require all rental homes to have carbon monoxide detectors for tenants.

In 2008, a family of four died while vacationing in Aspen, Colo. A leak in the heating and snow melting systems filled the home where they were staying for Thanksgiving with a poisonous gas. The death of the Lofgren family in Colorado and a second poisoning of Kara Zander in Beaverton propelled the Lofgren and Zander Memorial Act through the Oregon Legislature in 2009.
Devices that emit carbon monoxide include most fireplaces, furnaces and ovens. It does not take much Carbon Monoxide to send you to emergency and if you are sleeping how are you to know?

There is a very simple solution. The first would be to purchase carbon monoxide dectors for your home. If you own rentals or apartments, this is now REQUIRED by law to provide. The second would be to have Comfort Zone Heating & AC come out to your home and do a service check on your furnace. We do carry Carbon Monoxide Dectors for our customers, so we would be happy to help you place them properly for your home.

Our local family in Beaverton that prompted these new requirements deserves our attention. It would be devastating to have this happen to anyone. I hope this article prompts you to get a carbon monoxide detector, check the batteries, and maintain your furnace. We will be doing the same in our home.

If Comfort Zone Heating can help you in anyway or you would just like a little more information about this topic – please call.

Have a great New Year!!!

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