Energy Tips for April

Good Morning my fellow Portland residents –
Has anyone noticed how damp it is? Yuck as far as I am concerned. It does give me time to work on the little projects around are home that I don’t like wasting good summer time to do. For me it means cleaning out drawers and organizing things that need to go to the goodwill. For others that live in our home it means changing lightbulbs and changing furnace filters. Since it is kinda in our job description to keep tabs on the latest money saving tips for our customers, I checked out Energy Trusts Website and learned the following… so here is your tips for April!!!!

New “Fuel Mileage” Label for homes

Energy Trust of Oregon has developed a new residential energy labeling system that allows buyers to compare the efficiency of homes in the same way that consumers compare the fuel efficiency of automobiles. Based on considerations such as a home’s size, level of insulation, HVAC systems, lighting, and major appliances, the Energy Performance Score is calculated based on both energy consumption and carbon emissions, with low scores indicating the greatest efficiency.

Energy Trust is a great website that offers Energy Saving Kits, Refriderater Recylcing, Weatherization and of course Heating and Cooling for your home.

So as you are sitting back in your home on these rainy April Day’s waiting for that warm dry weather to break through – Check out Energy Trust of Oregon. They are a good company with a great ideas!!!

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