Furnace Tune-Up Pre-Winter Special

Can you believe that winter is just around the corner???? I know that we are in our hurry up and get the house winterized stage. Besides getting those pesty gutters cleaned out, make sure you to take the time to give Comfort Zone Heating & AC a call to do your Winter Furnace Tune-up. We know that with the huge cost of higher winter electric bills and of course the holidays fast approaching this is definately the wrong time of year to be letting your money roll out the window!!!

How can a Tune Up help save money?
Comfort Zone Heating and AC gives you these benefits:

– Peace of mind for you and your family
– Lower home heating bills
– Fewer furnace repairs and heating breakdowns
– Increased Heating capacity
– Extended Furnace and Heating System life

What does our Tune Up Include?

1. Inspect and tighten all electrical connections and terminals.
2. Inspect, clean, and adjust main gas burners.
3. Remove, clean, and adjust ignition/pilot assembly.
4. Test the capacitor
5. Inspect heat-exchanger(s) & combustion chambers for cracks, rusting, or problem areas.
6. Vacuum out blower compartment; return airdrop, and surrounding area. (No duct cleaning)
7. Inspect the flue assembly and test furnace flue gas drafting mechanism.
8. Test and inspect all furnace safety controls.
9. Test, and adjust gas pressure.
10. Inspect furnace air filters.
11. Inspect and clean furnace blower motor, drive mechanism and fan assembly.
12. Lubricate all fan motors and all moving parts,as needed
13. Measure and adjust blower for correct airflow.
14. Adjust and set proper blower speed(s).
15. Clean, level, test, and calibrate thermostat.
16. Measure and record heating system output.
17. Inspect and test thermocouple output as well as pilot safety switch.
18. Measure and record electrical voltage, amperage, and component resistance.
19. Inspect and test all system transformers, relays, contactors, and controls. Measure performance
20. Seal minor air leaks in plenum and return airdrop.
21. Perform a thorough, electronic carbon monoxide check of the house.

If your car was used as often as your furnace and air conditioner, it would have traveled over 200,000 miles in a year. Your home heating and cooling system operates approximately 3200 hours in a year. If you traveled 3200 hours at 65mph in your car you would have changed your oil 66 times, used 4 sets of tires, performed 4 tune-ups and flushed your cooling system 3 times.

No one would drive that many miles without performing any maintenance and expect for things to function properly. Just like your car, your system needs a tune up and lubrication and cleaning. By performing a precision tune up on your system, you minimize the chance of breakdowns – saving energy and extending the life of your system.

So before our beautiful fall turns into that cold winter, call us here at Comfort Zone Heating to set up the perfect time for your home furnace inspection!

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