Lights out Portland

I read a wonderful article on the Energy Trust of Oregon website that promoted the Audubon Society with its Lights Out Portland program, which encourages building owners and managers to seasonally extinguish any unnecessary overnight lighting to reduce impacts to migrating birds.

We of course being animal lovers in our family thought this would be an easy and fun way to involve your children in energy saving of the earth and a simple way of saving our birds.

Night-migrating birds rely on celestial cues to navigate, and sky glow from cities can lure them off course, resulting in window strikes. Portland has more than 209 species of birds that migrate through the area. Audubon Portland has documented from several seasons of early morning bird surveys and Wildlife Car Center intakes that over 70 of these species have been involved in window collisions.

This is such a simple cost-effective and energy-efficient way of saving money in your own homes and promoting the “Lights Out Portland” at your place of work. So, please take the time to talk to your children about turning off an extra light or two from 25 August through 15 November dusk to dawn and lets teach them a simple way to save our Portland area birds, save our planet, and of course save a few extra dollars in our own pockets!

If you have any great Energy Saving Tips for our kids – Let Us Know and we will pass it along! Just send us a message!

Thank you!

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