Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Wall Air Conditioner

Good Morning Gresham Oregon:
I thought I would try a different approach this morning to my blog. TECH INFO!!!! I know how much you guys prefer just reading straight out facts instead of the roundabout story that I prefer so here goes…

The Mitsubishi MS-A12WA Mr. Slim is a mini split-ductless air conditioning system that is comprised of three main components: An outdoor component, and indoor component, and a remote control unit. It uses inverter technology for improved performance over standard compressor air conditioners. It also includes anti-allergen filters with enzyme catalysts and catechin bioflavonoid-infused fibers. It has three air-flow settings: Low-ambient cooling, wide airflow, and powerful mode for a 15-minute burst of fast-cooling. Other features include an economy cooling mode, digital thermostat, and self-diagnostics, and auto restart.

Ease-of-Use – The Mitsubishi MS-A12WA and all of the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim split air conditioning systems are not only very simple to operate, but they are also very simple to install. Comfort Zone Heatinging and AC has experience installing all brands of air conditioners, including the Mr. Slim. They can be installed anywhere on the wall, but work best in locations near the ceiling. Operation is via a wireless remote control, but it also comes with an option for a wired, wall-mounted control. All functions, including timer settings, are easily operated from the remote.

• Easy to install
• Requires only a 3 to 4-inch hole in the wall instead of a full duct
• Quiet operation
• Remote control
• Adjustable placement

Comfort Zone Heating & AC is fully trained and certified by Mitsubishi, and we have installed many of the Mitsubishi Wall Mounted Systems. They are a wonderful versital Air Conditioner that works well in older homes as well as new modern styled homes.

Enjoy your spring and prepare for the heat of summer!!!!

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