Need extra money for vacation?

Good Morning my Portland Oregon followers –

Summer has finally arrived and NOW is the time for vacation. If you are like most families you are looking for anyway to save that extra dollar for your summer family time. We all know even camping with the kids can be expensive. A simple way is to pre-program your thermostat before you go whether vacation or work. It’s always good to know you are saving money while away!!!!

If you don’t have a programmable thermostat with the furnace/heat pump you have – No Problem! We can fix that! The savings you will produce for your family bottom line will completely out way the cost of a programmable thermostat. A great feature (and money saver) is that you can control your settings to your personal liking. I just happen to like it cool at night when I sleep, but on weekends we stay up later. A easy way to keep me from going over to the thermostat and hitting the up button and more importantly keeping our heating/cooling system running more efficiently is to Pre-Program. The amount of flexibility you have in this respect depends on the model you install.

We happen to carry the Honeywell Programmable Thermostat. These models allows you to program specific portions of your day. If your weekday schedule has different time periods when no one is home either due to work or maybe school you can program those periods accordingly. To have a nice warm and cozy house to come home too, just have the heat come on the the perfect temperature for you half an hour before you walk in the door.

Another thermostat that we carry is the Ecobee it comes with off-site access. Off-site access, which allows you to program your system via telephone or Internet, can be especially useful when vacation and you decide to stay for an extra day due to our wonderful Oregon summers or your stuck at work or in traffic. Most of all you will have the best money saving tip along with high tech bragging
rights for sure!!

For more information about the energy-saving benefits of programmable thermostats, contact David at Comfort Zone Heating & AC

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