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A modern heating and cooling system will function for long periods of time with virtually no maintenance at all. It can in fact, take several years for a system to deteriorate to the point that something breaks. That’s is the good part about your system.

The bad part is that your equipment is almost always out of site it is easy to take it for granted. If something is not obviously wrong, we tend to forget about it. This can be a dangerous situation.

Even though the equipment may be functioning it is likely working harder than it should, wasting energy and shortening its life expectancy and most importantly wasting your hard earned money!

The two items which most often affect the performance of the unit are filters and belts.
A filter is intended to keep dirt off of the evaporator coils and out of the duct work. A filter’s efficiency is determined in part by how much dirt it will hold.

When it reaches its holding capacity the dirt will begin to unload, or pass through the filter and be caught by the coil. All of this restriction in the system will cause it to run longer to satisfy the thermostat.

When the coil plugs, the air can no longer pass through it fast enough and it will freeze up. Typically this would result in a service call to replace the filters and clean the unit.

The simple message is to always have extra filters on hand!!! Depending on the time of year or if you have an extra dog at your house for a few weeks, you may need to change your filter more often than the 3 month rule. Save time and money in the long run, by checking your filters or having us check for you!!

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