Share and Compare Home Energy Use

Is it snowing outside today???? If you live in Gresham, Portland, Sandy, Fairview or any other of our local little cities – it sure is!!!!

I found a really cool website that I thought I would share with you today. It is It is a really great website that allows you to track home energy usage and earn rewards for energy savings from local venders. Kind of like what you get at your local grocery store! You as homeowners can share your energy information with others on the Earth Aid website to see who is conserving the most energy.

As a homeowner you can view your electric, natural gas, and water usage information all on the same screen. Earth Aid highlights the rebates, tax incentives, and discounts that make it even more economical for you to save energy. Get Rewarded for Saving and Earth Aid makes it possible for you to earn rewards when you save energy at home.

They offer lots of different tips to help you conserve engergy in your home. We at Comfort Zone Heating & AC want to make changes in each and every one of our customers homes, not by just what we can do for you in maintaining your furnace/airconditioner but by helping our community as a whole!

There are lots of “Green” programs going on and David and I are proud to be a part of a wonderful initiative to push lower energy usage in our beautiful Troutdale, Gresham Oregon area. As a local business owner and community home owner, we are committed to help clean up the environment. Earth Aid is just one way to we at Comfort Zone Heating & AC can promote Green Local Living!

Keep Warm this week Gresham Oregon 🙂

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