Warm Up to Savings

Good Rainy Day to all our customers!!!!

Can you believe this weather??? As I am sitting here it is in the middle of July with pouring down rain outside the windows. Yuck!!! The one thing this type of weather does is helps me to start thinking about school, Christmas and winter. Heating and Cooling are usually the largest energy expense in your home. If you have baseboards, wall heat or electric forced air furnaces, I don’t need to tell you that your cost is boosted up a notch! Especially in the winter time.

We try to keep you in informed of all the cash incentives and rebates to help you get the most out of lowering your heating bills. Energy Trust of Oregon is offering a $600 cash incentive for homeowners or multifamily property owners who install a ductless heat pump.

The best part about Ductless Heat Pumps is that they operate without ductwork, eliminating potential loss of energy from leaky or unsealed ducts, making the home more energy efficient and lowering energy costs. They also can heat or cool individual rooms or zones each controlled by its own thermostat. (this works great for babies, grandmas and kids all in the same house!) Mini splits have a built in air filter, which can improve air quality in home without ductwork. What I think the best thing about the ductless heat pumps is that they use no ductwork and that makes for easy installation especially if you are in a older home.

So, what is the next step??? Contact David at Comfort Zone Heating and AC, as we are a Energy Trust trade ally contractor. Meaning we are licensed, insured and trained on the latest energy-efficiency standards from Energy Trust of Oregon. We can help you decide if the Ductless Heat Pump is right for your home, install and fill out the Energy Trust forms for you to receive your cash incentive, plus any other state and federal tax credits.

Don’t wait till the weather changes, let us help you save money in the short and the long run by having an Ductless Heat Pump installed in your home.

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