Wedding or Homeowner Gift Idea

WOW – SE Portland area!!!!! Check out the Sun – I think it is finally here to stay. We are so busy going to weddings, birthday parties for the wee little ones and the wee older ones that I am always on the hunt for new and special gifts. Here’s a thoughful and helpful gift for newlyweds, new homeowners or maybe just that special person on a fixed income: Comfort Zone Gift Certificates. The certificates can be used to charge up an air conditioner, repair your heating system, or towards the purchase of a new system. You may choose any amount and they never expire.

Yes, it is a different type of gift, but one that can really come in handy when you have spent all your summer cash on a camping trip, or for new skis for winter and then your system needs a little help. It always happens that way. I have many seniors in my life and I know this is a great idea for them. No worries, if they lose it, I will keep a running account for them.

So next time you are totally stumped on purchasing a really “cool” gift for someone special call me at 503-951-1149 and I will take care of the rest.


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