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If you are a homeowner, renter or live near a home, you are probably being bombarded with letters from contractors or home labor. These letters seem to be for everything that you might need in repair, cleaning or replacement for your home. Since we happen to own our home, we are not left out. I admit, I do read all of them, for helpful hints, discounts and just to see what other companies like ourselves are doing to help our local customers.

Of course, we go a bit further and follow up on each of the advertisements that we might be interested in. Some of these companies spend lots of money on really nice brochures, and others write up a letter telling you about themselves. What really scared me was I went to our local CCB Website and found some very important information. Besides finding out how long a company has been in business, who actually owns the company and if their business license is active, I was able to tell if a company had changed their name, what their CCB Administrative License Actions might be and any CCB Disciplinary Actions that have taken place. Why is this important???? The nicest brochure that I received was from a company that had multiple disciplinary actions. Another had changed the name of the company a few times.

I am not saying that there might be a valid reason for some of these changes, and I would be prompted to check into them further with the BBB of Oregon or to check out their feedback. What I learned was that before I have anybody come clean my gutters or have any work done at our house is to first go to the CCB Website and do a little research. The best brochure is not necessarily the best company.

If Comfort Zone has done work for you personally and you would like to leave feedback for others who might be in need of our services, please go to our website at or to any of the CCB, Portland City Search, Manta, LinkedIn. We truly appreciate and respect your comments. It is what makes us a better company.

Thank you and enjoy all the sunshine we are having!!!!!

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