Don’t Let Your Heating Bill Spook You

Furnace Basement

With Halloween season upon us, how scared are you of your upcoming heating needs?

Winter weather is just around the corner, and autumn is a perfect time to take the spook out of what lies ahead.

Homeowners can take one simple step now to ensure chilly temperatures and monthly heating bills don’t take too big of a bite out of the proverbial wallet.

Replace Your Furnace Filter

Sounds too simple right? Seriously though, the first thing to consider is replacing your furnace filter.

You’d be surprised how this simple task can do wonders to keep your furnace operating properly, help keep your system free of further long term issues, and to keep your current furnace from needing replacement.

A clogged furnace filter causes your furnace’s blower to work harder, which makes it more difficult to heat your home, and could make you the recipient of a burned out blower motor.

How Often To Check?

Knowing when to check your filter is important, and varies from home to home. At the very least, check your furnace filter once a month. Check for signs of clogging, as it is important that air can easily pass through the filter to ensure quality airflow through out your furnace system.

If you have pets or other sources of dander in your home, your filter might need to be changed more frequently since pet dander is a common cause of a clogged air filter.

No matter what, don’t let unpredictable winter weather spook you this fall. Call CZ Heating today for the personal service that Portland has grown to trust for their heating and cooling needs since 1995.

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