Furnace Repair Calls Start Earlier

Rainy Autumn

We all know the scenario. It’s October, the warm weather in the Portland Oregon area is still gorgeous and sunny, and we’ll spending as much time in the lingering sunshine as we can.

Then one morning, it happens.

We wake up. We stumble out of bed, and before we have a chance to get into the kitchen, we feel it. It’s a chilly morning and the heater didn’t come on. Then it’s the usual tip toe over to the thermostat to turn on the heat, and nothing happens. A little jiggle. A little tussle. Nothing.

That’s when you realize that a professional like CZ Heating is needed.

Autumn Mornings Bring Cool Weather

Throughout the Willamette Valley, homes and businesses are experiencing this same scenario. Maybe it’s a pilot light issue, or an issue with the thermostat. Maybe it’s something even worse, and the unit itself must be replaced.

Regardless, don’t get caught with your furnace not working as the weather turns chilly. Be sure to get your furnace checked up, and if need be, replaced before November’s cold weather hits.

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