Nest Thermostat – Version 4.3 Software Updates

Nest Thermostat

The Nest Thermostat is already regarded as one of the simplest thermostats to use due to their Auto-Schedule feature.

Now with their 4.3 software update, Nest’s patented technology is getting even easier to use.

Nest knows that most people don’t program their thermostats because most thermostats are too complicated to know how to actually program them. That’s where Auto-Schedule comes in, or as they say themselves:

Auto-Schedule just learns the temperatures you like. No programming necessary. It’s why 95% of Nest Thermostats have schedules and it’s one of the main reasons Nest is a learning thermostat.

Some of the upgraded features include:

  • Enhanced Auto-Schedule – It’s better at learning new schedules and adapting to changes. That helps customers save 6% more on heating and cooling.
  • Quick View – Push the display to see weather, outdoor temp, and humidity. Turn the ring for a quick summary of yesterday’s energy usage, upcoming schedule, and settings.
  • System Test – To make sure heating and cooling systems are working, the thermostat can run a System Test. It takes you through basic functions so you can spot and solve any issues.

How Much Do You Love Nest

What’s your thoughts on Nest’s Thermostats? How much do you love Auto-Schedule?

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