Polar Vortex Visiting Portland Oregon

Freezing Rain

It’s November, and even if you’re not ready for our first cold streak in the Pacific Northwest, the cold has arrived.

The Portland Oregon metropolitan area will be hosting a polar vortex that will bring the chilly arctic air of the north, and mix with our year round marine climate, to create possible freezing rain.

Temperatures are expected to drop into the lower 30’s by Tuesday morning, and east winds might bring gusts of over 70 mph to the areas around Troutdale, Fairview, and Wood Village, and near 40 mph in inner Portland.

Most of the United States will experience this cold streak, as the Southwest, Hawaii, Alaska, and Florida will be the only areas to escape the upcoming arctic blast that the polar vortex will surely bring.

Bundled Up – Though Are You Ready?

You’ve probably done your due diligence, right? Picked up a few extra groceries, dragged out your winter clothes, and put out extra blankets in all the bedrooms. However, how ready is your furnace for the polar vortex?

There is nothing worse than to have your main heating source go down in the middle of a cold streak. In fact, that might be the most miserable experience you can imagine.

That’s where Comfort Zone Heating and Cooling comes in. We can do a quick service on your existing system, and make sure that your furnace is running at it’s most optimal level, especially those who need maintenance of a gas furnace. For some systems, you might discover that your furnace is on it’s last bit of life, and we can help you transition into a newer system, if that is the case.

Regardless of whether you’re cozy warm up in Brightwood, or expecting the worse in central Portland, don’t let the polar cold make your next week a potential disaster. Have piece of mind, with a quick maintenance appointment from an HVAC expert you know you can trust.

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