3 Steps to Get Ready For Colder Weather

Rainy Autumn

After a long summer, a preventative maintenance checkup for your heating and cooling system is important to keep it working at optimal performance.

Like most homeowners, chances are you have been relying on your air conditioning unit to keep your home cool during the hot summer months.

With fall fast approaching, however, it may be time to begin thinking about getting your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems ready for winter.

How to Prepare Your HVAC for Fall

Summer is almost over and the cold season is well around the corner. By performing HVAC maintenance in time, you will be prepared to take on that first cold night, no matter when it comes. Here are a few tips that can help you prepare your HVAC system, so you aren’t left shivering when an unexpected cold front moves through.

Get a Service Agreement

If you want to ensure your heating and cooling system runs the best it can for as long as it can, regular preventative maintenance is key. An annual service agreement with CZ Heating provides the preventative maintenance your system needs to run efficiently.

Check the Filters

As long as your heating and air conditioning unit is in use, be sure to change or clean the filters on a monthly basis depending upon the type of filter your system uses. If you did not replace the filter before you last used the furnace, it is recommended that you take it out and start the fall and winter months with a new one.

Inspect the Furnace

Before turning the furnace on, ensure the area around it is clear. Routine furnace checks are important to help prevent it from overheating. In addition, this should be an opportunity to ensure that there are no flammables around the furnace, as these materials can pose safety risks to your home.

HVAC units are a huge investment. By properly inspecting furnaces and scheduling routine maintenance service, you will ensure your system has a long life ahead. In addition, you will ensure your home is energy efficient, thus, saving you money in the process.

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