4 AC Checks To Make Before Calling Us

Air Conditioner

With the warm weather finally arriving in the Portland Metro area, now is a good time to check up on your air conditioner.

If your air conditioner stopped working, or it has “iced up”, try the following few A/C checks first.

1. Check the Thermostat

Take a visit to your thermostat, and see where it is set at. Is is set to cool? Is the battery low?

Most air conditioners will not run if the batteries are dead, try replacing the batteries first.

If your thermostat is set below 72 degrees, the air conditioner may not have the ability to maintain temperature without freezing. This is very often the reason why air conditioners “ice up”.

If your A/C has “iced up” then you will need to shut it off for four to twelve hours before turning it back on. When you turn it back on, try setting the thermostat to 73 degrees or higher.

2. Check or Replace your Air Filter

Next, take a look at your air filter. Is it dirty? Is it worn or damaged?

A dirty air filter can make your air conditioner less efficient. It is recommended to change your air filter every thirty to ninety days.

It may seem like an expensive task changing your filter that often, but it should do wonders in keeping your overall air conditioning system running smoothly.

3. Open All The Vents

Next, locate your vents, and open them up.

It’s common to shut the basement supply vents in the summer. The logic goes that it’s already cool in the basement, so why cool the basement even more?

However, the problem is that your air conditioner’s evaporative coil that sits on top of the furnace needs a lot of air flow to work properly. When you shut the vents in the basement you block 25-50 of the air flow to that evaporative coil.

This typically makes the air conditioner run near freezing. If the air conditioner has any other symptoms of being dirty, low on refrigerant, or that it is over-sized for your house, than you’ll probably have your air conditioner “ice up”.

That is why it’s recommended to keep most of the supply vents open and unobstructed by furniture.

4. Call the Professional

Now that you’ve done your part, let us come out and do our part. CZ Heating is ready to help diagnose, fix, and maintain your home air conditioning unit. Call us today!

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