Is It Winter or Spring?

Fall Clean Up

The weather lately has been great. The sun is out, though not absolutely hot in the low sky, but it could be worse.

We’ve had a lot of temperatures in the 50’s lately, and we’ve seen quite a few neighbors out working on early (or maybe late) gardening clean ups, and other odd jobs in the January sun.

Even with the seven day forecast showing that the weather is supposed to stay in the 50’s this week, don’t forget that it is still winter here in Oregon, and with it, we could see some chilly nights settle in and around Portland, Gresham, and Clackamas County.

Now is a great time to make sure that your primary heating source is running efficiently, just in case our mild weather turns bitterly cold.

Regardless, take full advantage of this mild weather, and get outside and enjoy as much vitamin D producing sunshine as you can.

Tell us what your favorite mid winter outdoor activities are in the comments below.

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