Happy Leap Year

Leap Year

The time it takes the earth to cycle around the sun isn’t a tidy 365 days.

In fact, it takes 365.24219 days for the earth to cycle around the sun. This time frame that doesn’t exactly conform to the modern calendar and, before the invention of the leap year, wreaked havoc on birthdays.

Luckily, more than 2,000 years ago, Julius Caesar changed that, declaring every fourth year a leap year, a calculation tweaked 1,500 years later by Pope Gregory XIII.

Thus, the leap year baby was born, that rare individual who arrived on February 29 and celebrates a proper birthday once every four years.

Here are a few Leap Year babies that celebrate this special day as their birthday:

  • Saul Williams – spoken word poet and rapper.
  • Tony Robbins – motivational speaker.
  • Ja Rule – rapper and actor.
  • Dennis Farina – actor.

Do you know any leap year babies that we should be aware of? Regardless, Happy Birthday to all the Leap Year babies out there. We’ll see you in four more years to wish you your next Happy Birthday.

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