SHH Is 2 Years Old

Sandy's Helping Hands

It’s been 2 years since Sandy’s Helping Hands started. It started as a way to give and inspire the Sandy Oregon community to help others in our community.

Sandy is full of such wonderful people who are willing to give of themselves to help others. It’s a remarkable community to be a part of.

The goal of Sandy’s Helping Hands is to create an avenue for the anyone who wanted to give back, but wasn’t able to commit to a “volunteer schedule”.

A place where you can share your ideas of community needs and we would help get the job done.

Together we have created something meaningful, a place to call when you really just need a helping hand.

We are so moved and humbled at times and know that Sandy’s Helping Hands is a reflection of the people within our community.

Sandy’s Helping Hands is something very special and we are very proud to be a small part.

Happy Anniversary Sandy’s Helping Hands, and huzzah to our ever future endeavors.

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