Valentines Day Traditions

Pink Roses

It’s Valentines Day. A day where many people express their affection for those they love. It’s a day of flower, cards, chocolate, and lovely dinner with that special someone.

We thought it would be fun to write about how people around the world help celebrate this special day. Check out these countries that have somewhat different traditions for that special holiday named after Saint Valentine.

South Korea

While many people believe Valentine’s Day is more about the women, in South Korea it’s the men who are showered with gifts on February 14th. But don’t worry, women still get their day with the celebration of White Day on March 14th. On White Day, men return the love with gifts for the woman they adore.


St. Valentine is one of the patron saints of spring, so instead of date night, the people of Slovenia spend February 14th working in the fields. Though don’t feel too tough for Slovenians, as they celebrate love on St. Gregory’s Day on March 12th, which is their romantic holiday.

Saudi Arabia

While much of the western world turns pink and white for all of February, Saudi Arabia has forbidden Valentine’s Day. For instance, it’s illegal to sell roses and romantic greeting cards in the days leading up to February 14th. However, the WorldPost revealed that some shop owners have provided ways to allow others to celebrate regardless of the ban, including accepting orders over the phone and concealing the gifts in the back of their stores.

How Do You Celebrate?

What’s your big plans for Valentines? How are you going to celebrate this with your special someone?

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