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Happy Leap Year

Leap Year

The time it takes the earth to cycle around the sun isn’t a tidy 365 days. In fact, it takes 365.24219 days for the earth to cycle around the sun. This time frame that doesn’t exactly conform to the modern calendar and, before the invention of the leap year, wreaked havoc on birthdays. Luckily, more… Read more »

Valentines Day Traditions

Pink Roses

It’s Valentines Day. A day where many people express their affection for those they love. It’s a day of flower, cards, chocolate, and lovely dinner with that special someone. We thought it would be fun to write about how people around the world help celebrate this special day. Check out these countries that have somewhat… Read more »

SHH Is 2 Years Old

Sandy's Helping Hands

It’s been 2 years since Sandy’s Helping Hands started. It started as a way to give and inspire the Sandy Oregon community to help others in our community. Sandy is full of such wonderful people who are willing to give of themselves to help others. It’s a remarkable community to be a part of. The… Read more »

Dirty Ducts Got You Down?

Air Duct

Air ducts form the distribution network for your heating and cooling system. They spread throughout your house through your attic or crawlspace, moving productive air from the central unit to all of your rooms and walkways. Over time, this important network can accumulate dust, hair, and other intrusive particles that can have an adverse effect… Read more »

Camo Con Pub Crawl 2015


Join Sandy’s Helping Hands for a night of fun! Dress up in your favorite camouflage and join in their very own Pub Crawl at Sandy’s local bars! 100% proceeds goes to Sandy’s Helping Hands Emergency Assist Fund. Bracelets being sold at The Red Shed Brews and BBQ, Ria’s Bar, Donny’s Gateway Pub, Trout Pub, No… Read more »

SHH Pumpkin Harvest


Sandy Helping Hands is hosting a FREE Pumpkin Harvest. They will have Face Painting, Pumpkin Bowling, Treats, Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe and of course a Photo Op Background set up for your family pics! Best part is they will have 2000 FREE pumpkins from you to chose from to take home! They have all sizes!… Read more »

3 Steps to Get Ready For Colder Weather

Rainy Autumn

After a long summer, a preventative maintenance checkup for your heating and cooling system is important to keep it working at optimal performance. Like most homeowners, chances are you have been relying on your air conditioning unit to keep your home cool during the hot summer months. With fall fast approaching, however, it may be… Read more »

Record Heat in Portland

Heat Wave

The summer sizzle of our weather continues, with Portland breaking two records last Tuesday. Portland saw it’s 25th 90 degree day of 2015, breaking the record of 24 set back in 2009. So if you were just thinking that this was an usually hot summer, you were right. Also, the record high temperature for August… Read more »

Stuff the Bus With School Supplies

Stuff the Bus

Sandy High School called and they are in desperate need of school supplies for our low income high school students. A lot of attention for school supplies goes to younger students, so that high school students may not receive as much support at they actually need. So help put the focus importantly on them, and… Read more »

Another 100 Degree Day Expected

Heat Wave

As we have already endured a very hot summer here in the Portland area, it’s important to know that the heat is not yet ready to let up. Portland had a high of 103 degrees yesterday, which is only 4 degrees shy of the record for the date of 107 degrees set in 1965. That… Read more »

Committment to Community

At Comfort Zone Heating and Cooling we are passionate about supporting the wonderful communities of Sandy, Gresham, and the Greater Portland Metro Area in both the work we provide, and the nonprofits we support. We are a family owned and operated and proud to continue that tradition since we started our business in 1995.

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