Natural Gas Furnaces

Natural Gas Furnace
Comfort Zone Heating and Air Conditioning is your local, family-owned and operated source for natural gas furnace installation and maintenance in the Portland and Gresham area.

Natural gas is one of the cheapest and most popular forms of energy available to the residential consumer for heating. In fact, natural gas has historically been much cheaper than electricity as a source of energy.

Natural gas furnaces are also highly efficient. High-quality gas furnaces can achieve efficiency of over 90 percent.

Installation and Repair
Comfort Zone Heating and Air Conditioning provides professional installation of your natural gas furnace. Comfort Zone’s technicians are trained to install these efficient, effective, and reasonably priced heating systems. If you are building a house or remodeling an existing property, gas furnaces offer a balance of convenience and cost effectiveness. If you have a natural gas furnace that is not functioning properly, Comfort Zone can repair your furnace and restore your comfort.

Gas furnace maintenance is crucial for efficiency. Because natural gas furnaces can produce carbon monoxide if not functioning properly, gas furnaces should be checked and cleaned annually.

Maintenance includes cleaning or replacing filters, lubricating and cleaning the motors, cleaning the pilot assembly and burners, and inspecting the venting systems and heat exchange passes. The entire system is checked for corrosion, cracks and leaks.

If you are interested in having a natural gas furnace installed or need repair or maintenance services for your natural gas furnace, contact Comfort Zone Heating and Air Conditioning for service.