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State of Oregon Seal

Good Morning, If you are a homeowner, renter or live near a home, you are probably being bombarded with letters from contractors or home labor. These letters seem to be for everything that you might need in repair, cleaning or replacement for your home. Since we happen to own our home, we are not left… Read more »

We Are Now An Energy Trust Ally

If you live anywhere near Portland – Wood Villiage – Gresham – Sandy you probably are starting to hear this term quite a bit. It is all over the airways and internet. So, what does it mean??? That’s my job to tell you and why it is important to you! Each year, nearly 1,500 trade… Read more »

Choosing The Right Oregon Contractor

It seems like everywhere you look there are contractors. How do you choose someone who is trustworthy and that you can rely upon? That actually has YOUR best interest and dollar in mind?? Here are some tips that will help you: * The best way is through referrals. Ask your family, friends, neighbors who they… Read more »

Committment to Community

At Comfort Zone Heating and Cooling we are passionate about supporting the wonderful communities of Sandy, Gresham, and the Greater Portland Metro Area in both the work we provide, and the nonprofits we support. We are a family owned and operated and proud to continue that tradition since we started our business in 1995.

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