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At Comfort Zone Heating and Cooling, we care about David Heldstab, and hope that our articles on David Heldstab bring you high quality information, insight, and trust in helping your choose the best heating and cooling contractor available. Our blog contains many articles about David Heldstab, as well as the topics of Air Quality, Discounts, Energy Efficiency, Energy Trust, Heating & Cooling, Air Conditioning, Duct Blasting, Duct Replacement, Ductless, Furnace Repair, Furnace Replacement, Furnace Tune Up, Heat Pumps, Heating, HVAC, Maintenance, Zoning Systems, Products, Values.

Worried about Service on your Brand of Furnace?

It is that time of year when we start to get lots of calls for Furnace Repair in Gresham and Troutdale Oregon. There reason a lot of our service calls start in that part of town first is the cold wind coming out of the Gorge. No need to tell you that huh??? In my… Read more »

Home Inspections

Happy Wednesday! I know that many of our friends are having to sell their homes for various reasons. For some it is to downsize, others it’s because of job loss, and for a fortunate few they are off moving to Arizona!!!! No matter if you are purchasing or selling a home, there is always that… Read more »

Now offering Green Street Financing

Good Afternoon Everyone in beautiful Gresham Oregon!!!! David and I have been very busy this last week. With all of the snow and cold snap – the phones were ringing all hours of the night. We feel very lucky that we have a wonderful crew that is willing to work late into the evenings to… Read more »

Share and Compare Home Energy Use

Is it snowing outside today???? If you live in Gresham, Portland, Sandy, Fairview or any other of our local little cities – it sure is!!!! I found a really cool website that I thought I would share with you today. It is www.earthaid.net.. It is a really great website that allows you to track home… Read more »

Happy Fathers Day to a Great Dad

Howdy Gresham!!!!! I bet you are all wondering why I would be dedicating time on a Gresham Heating Contractor blog for a Father’s Day story. Well, it’s pretty easy, it’s my blog right???? Now if I was just a good writer I could whip out some funny, story to make everyone laugh and you would… Read more »

Committment to Community

At Comfort Zone Heating and Cooling we are passionate about supporting the wonderful communities of Sandy, Gresham, and the Greater Portland Metro Area in both the work we provide, and the nonprofits we support. We are a family owned and operated and proud to continue that tradition since we started our business in 1995.

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