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As I was doing my part on researching Earth Day, I came across one fact that stood out to me. MORE THAN 1/3 OF ALL ENERGY IS USED BY PEOPLE AT HOME!!! We have been hit with the landfill facts, the water facts, and of course the garbage facts. I personally had not been truly informed of the ENERGY USAGE Fact – except of course for the high cost of electricity!!! So, if you are interested in saving Planet Earth, Money, and if you are need for a really cool and informational gadget (not just for the guys), I found one.

It is the Ecobee Programmable Smart Thermostat. You have the ability to adjust the temperature of your home over the internet!! I am sure you are asking why is this so cool? Well, it has a interactive touch (looks like a standard computer) screen like that of an iPhone. The homeowner can see a range of days and have the visual representation of when your AC/Heat is going to be coming on. From the web portal you can enter your zip code in order to display the local weather. Once you do this, a weather icon will be displayed on the the Smart Thermostat and you can see the forecast for the day and week without having to turn on the tv or the computer!!!

It Does Reminders – This is a cool feature where you can be notified over email that you need to change your filters or have your furnace serviced, another money saving tip!! The Ecobee also does reports that shows how your home is reacting to the outside temp. You now have the ability to control your home temp from any location in the world via internet!!! It will help homeowners get a better understanding of how they use heat and air conditioning, give you the ability to control your home temperature if an unexpected cold or heat snap happens and most important save more money all while improving Mother Earth. I LOVE THIS!!!

So, to act upon that 1/3 Energy Usage fact, save money, and improve our wonderful Earth check out the Ecobee Thermostat for your home. Happy Earth Day Everyone!!!!!

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  1. Thanks so much for your amazing post! I thought you might be interested in some additional statistics on ecobee’s programmable smart thermostats that we just announced this morning in honor of Earth Day. Our customers have saved over 750,000 kwh this year on electricity and prevented 540 metric tons of CO2 emissions from entering our atmosphere! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to congratulate our consumers on this incredible achievement – for our customers, every day is Earth Day!

    Check out more Earth Day news here and info on our new energy management system for businesses:

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