2 Reasons Your Furnace May Not Be Generating Heat


There is nothing worse than turning on your furnace, and having only a trickle of warmth come out of the vents.

Here are two common reasons why your furnace may not be generating enough heat to keep your warm in your home.

Furnace Maintenance Neglect

We’ve all been guilty of neglecting our furnaces with regular maintenance, only to be reminded about how important our furnaces are when the cold weather hits Gresham and East Portland until we’re stuck shivering in our home.

Also, just because your furnace turns on properly and seems to be working okay, it doesn’t mean that it is working as efficiently as it could. A well maintained and efficient furnace uses less energy, which will save money.

We recommend getting your furnace checked at least once a year. A furnace tune-up will quickly pay for itself.

Furnace Replacement Needed

Sadly, furnaces don’t last forever. No matter how much attention, maintenance, and money you put into your furnace, at some point, your furnace will meet the end of it’s working life.

A gas furnace typically lasts about 20 years, and toward the end of that lifespan will become less energy efficient before it finally goes kaput.

If your furnace is 20 years old, now might be a good time to invest in a newer model before it fails on it’s own. Plus, a newer model will deliver better heating results and lower heating bills.

We’re Here To Help

Don’t let your furnace fail to warm up your home this fall and winter. Contact CZ Heating today, and we’ll help ensure that your furnace is operating at it’s best.

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