Don’t Block Air Vents

Air Vent

Fall may not be the ideal time to redecorate your home, or find your inner feng shui. Yet it might be the perfect time to rediscover a very important part of your hvac system. Air vents.

Hvac systems require proper airflow to function at an optimal level. Blocked and inadequately maintained air vents might be hiding behind a heirloom side table or full length curtains, which can keep your hvac system from gaining it’s necessary source of air and minimize it from running efficiently.

We don’t advocate getting rid of heirloom furniture, just moving it to a better location in your home.

Scary Possibility

Blocked air vents make it more difficult for your hvac system to maintain a comfortable temperature, which can lead to higher heating bills.

Air vents may get clogged if you have pets in your home as well. Not only can blocked air vents cause your hvac system to get clogged and run harder than it is intended, it may cause long term damage to the system itself.

Don’t let blocked or clogged air vents hinder your heating needs this winter. Contact a real professional today.

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