Zone Control Systems

Zone Control Systems

Comfort Zone Heating and Air Conditioning is your local, family-owned and operated source for zone control systems in the greater Portland metro area.

HVAC systems with a zone control system can improve comfort levels and reduce utility costs. Zone systems are excellent for new or upgraded heating or cooling systems.

Zone systems, also known as automatic balancing systems, heat or cool only the area in your home or office where you spend the most time, rather than heating or cooling the entire area equally. This results in efficiently reducing your energy consumption, saving money and the environment. Independent tests have shown that zoning systems can save 30 percent or more on a HVAC heating and cooling bills.

Each zone has an independent heating or cooling control. A multi-zone controller can be used to effectively control different zones within your home or business. Zoning allows you to enjoy perfect temperature comfort wherever you are, as opposed to single thermostat controls, which can create warmer and cooler spots and are significantly less efficient.

Benefits of Zone Control Systems

There are many benefits to using a zone control system, including:
• Comfort – Specific temperature and air flow can be controlled in any given area without affecting other areas
• Efficiency – Zonign systems can save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs each year
• Control – Spaces can be divided into multiple areas to allow adjustability
• Peak Performance – Delivers efficiency without operating at top capacity

If you are ready to add a zone control system to your home or office, contact Comfort Zone Heating and Air Conditioning for a quote.